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Mercedes hints at an electric C-Class with 620 mile range

Posted: 12.01.22 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Mercedes has revealed a show car which is said to be capable of travelling more than 620 miles on a charge, and says it points the way to its next ele...

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Government cuts plug in car grant

Posted: 22.12.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

The government grant for electric cars and vans has been slashed by £1,000 from today, and less vehicles are now eligible. The financial assistanc...

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Britain is slipping behind in charge point provision, say industry experts

Posted: 16.12.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Britain's electric car infrastructure is failing to grow at the same rate as sales of new EVs, according to new analysis by the Society of Motor Manuf...

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Electrified British 4x4 set to take on the world

Posted: 08.12.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

A British firm led by a former a Ferrari and McLaren F1 engineer has developed a new electric off-roader designed for use in the world’s most challe...

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Genesis reveals first bespoke electric car

Posted: 01.12.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Hyundai’s premium brand Genesis might only have been in the UK for a matter of months, but it's now revealed its first bespoke all-electric car. ...

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Mercedes EQS Review

Posted: 23.11.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Mercedes has flirted with electric cars before, but its efforts have always been limited to putting a battery and motor in a body which was designed f...

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Government reveals new 'iconic' charge point

Posted: 18.11.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

The UK government has unveiled its new design for electric vehicle charge points, which it hopes could become as iconic as the British post box, Londo...

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Dacia Spring Review

Posted: 15.11.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Big-value brands are big news. Just as Aldi, Lidl and Primark are thriving, so too is car maker Dacia. It’s models cost thousands less than the equi...

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Skoda Octavia vRS iV PHEV Review

Posted: 10.11.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Performance car fans know that the Octavia vRS is a car you shouldn't underestimate. For years, it's offered VW Golf GTI performance in a more practic...

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The hands off approach to driving - are we ready?

Posted: 05.11.21 by Ginny Buckley Local News

Drivers are soon set to be allowed to take their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road on motorways in the UK, the government has just announced. ...

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