Fundraiser for Biddulph nursery's twin diagnosed with Leukaemia passes £6,000

  Posted: 04.06.21 at 15:45 by Jack Lenton

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A fundraiser for a Biddulph nursery's toddler who was very sadly diagnosed with Leukaemia has surpassed £6,000 in an incredible effort from local residents.

Biddulph Nub News reported previously how toddler Harry Saunders, who attends Happy Hours Nursery in Biddulph and is an identical twin alongside his brother George, was unfortunately diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

A crowdfunding page on JustGiving was set up for Harry, and in an amazing display of support and kindness it has now raised £6,443 at the time of writing.

In response to the fundraising, Happy Hours Nursery said they were "lost for words" with the amount of support shown by local residents.

A spokesperson said: "A few weeks ago we posted about our Harry and his diagnosis of Leukaemia, we never expected the response that we have received.

"Through both direct and indirect donations of either care packages, cash donations on the just giving page or fundraising efforts we are lost for words for your kindness.

"Many of the people who have donated or reached out don’t know Harry or his family, but didn’t hesitate to send well wishes and/or donations."

A few of the local fundraisers that have taken place for Harry include:

- Biddulph Sainsbury’s sending a care package for Harry and his family

- Dom’s Cheesecakes hosting a raffle and raising £100

- Chell’s Builders Supplies raising £1,000 as part of a huge raffle

The JustGiving page was set up by Amy Smith, a close family friend of Harry's parents Katie and Ryan.

She posted a message of thanks from Katie and Ryan to the JustGiving page, saying: "Hopefully this will reach every single person who has donated, left messages and reached out to us.

"We're very overwhelmed with Harry's diagnosis and how different our lives are now. But the support, love and generosity makes us feel so supported.

"I have no words to really describe how I feel, I am just taking it a day at a time. No words are enough for how heavy my heart feels for Harry but also for us as a family unit.

"'Thank you' doesn't seem enough for people who have been so amazing. It truly means the world to us."

If you would like to donate, visit the JustGiving page here.

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