Gallery: Biddulph's runners take on crazy challenges with lockdown bingo card

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 14:23 by Jack Lenton

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Lockdown may have forced Biddulph Running Club to suspend its usual activities, but its members have continued to keep fit in style, taking on all kinds of weird and wonderful challenges with their very own lockdown bingo card.

The card was introduced when the club noticed that while some people enjoy running alone, others struggle to find motivation to train when they are unable to run socially or in a group, making the lockdown period a tough time for some.

With this in mind, the club wanted to keep people's motivation levels high and promote social interaction at a time of increased stress for some of its members.

In response, club member Simon Hodgkiss devised the bingo card, setting out 25 unique challenges to be completed over the course of a few weeks.

He said: "I wanted to come up with ways to keep us all in contact with each other, and the bingo card gives the members a reason to keep running. The pictures and video clips are seen and commented on by everyone almost as if you were there at the time”.

Challenges ranged from completing a normal 10k or five mile run, to much more wacky ideas such as running up a hill backwards or running three miles with a sausage roll.

Becky Stringer, Andy Eptlett (who was challenged to wear a dress) and others climb the Killer Mile

There were also challenges of running with a silly hat, running to a waterfall, running 5k with a potted plant and much more.

And as the pictures show, the runners clearly got into the spirit of the game, taking on the bingo card's challenges with zeal.

To find out more about Biddulph Running Club, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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