Karen Bradley: "We are all so used to virtual visits by now, but there is nothing like meeting in person"

  Posted: 29.04.21 at 14:16 by Karen Bradley

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Karen Bradley: In this week's column on Nub News, the Moorlands MP has discussed returning to in-person visits as Coronavirus restrictions continue to relax.

After a busy week in Parliament, it was lovely to get back to the Moorlands and to return after what seems a very long time to visit the Werrington Community Volunteers.

We have all got so used to doing virtual visits and meetings but there is nothing like actually visiting in person, of course keeping in line with the Government restrictions.

I have been involved with the Werrington Community Volunteers group for many years now and always enjoy seeing the new projects such as the library, the Garden Therapy Lodges or the new disabled toilet in the village hall and on Friday I was pleased to hear all about their latest project to create a new village centre sports facility within the grounds of Werrington Primary School.

The site backs onto the new Garden Therapy Lodges and I am sure that local residents will be delighted that the project is fully funded and that Werrington will have not only a sports centre for the school but also an out of school hours community facility which will be run by the Werrington WASPS.

I saw so many people out and about enjoying the great weather over the weekend.

It is great that we can now enjoy more freedom and can see family and friends outdoors as well as enjoying outdoor pubs and cafés and shopping in all our local shops and market stalls.

But we all need to respect the environment and the rules that apply now.

That means minimising travel as much as possible and remembering to maintain social distancing and hygiene rules.

We will hopefully be able to take the next step out of lockdown next month so can I urge everyone to make sure you follow the rules to ensure we do continue making progress on the route out of lockdown.

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