More local volunteers wanted to take part in Royal Stoke Covid vaccine study

  Posted: 11.06.21 at 10:30 by Jack Lenton

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Would you like to know what immune-response you develop following the Covid-19 vaccine?

UHNM are looking to recruit 80 people to take part in this study, who fall into these two groups:

- Study Group – 50 people who have a suppressed immune system because of a blood disorder or the medicine they have taken for their blood disorders

- Control Group – 30 people who have a normal immune system

Why is the study needed?

- Covid-19 vaccines are approved for use in people with a suppressed immune system, but no studies have been done to assess what immune response they will have after the vaccination.

- This study will look into the immune response in people after having a Covid-19 vaccine and will compare it between people with suppressed immunity with those who have normal immunity.

What would be involved?

If you had your second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 10-35 days please contact UHNM if you wish to participate or find out more information. They will send you an information leaflet with more details, and you will be invited to a screening appointment at Royal Stoke Hospital to see if you are eligible to take part.

If you meet the criteria for participation in the study they will collect some baseline data (including medical history) and you will have some blood tests.

Over the next 4 months you will be required to attend the hospital/hospital-approved location for up to 4 follow-up blood tests.

This study does not provide you with Covid-19 vaccination. You will receive the Covid-19 vaccine as per Government guidance and priority list.

If you think you might be suitable for this study or would like more information, please contact the study team on 01782 675397 and [email protected]

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