Plans submitted to turn Brown Edge dwelling into children's care home

  Posted: 12.10.21 at 17:27 by Jack Lenton

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A new planning application aims to convert a Brown Edge dwelling into a care home for children.

The plans were submitted this week by Bedspace Resource and relate to a building at Oak Lodge, Sandy Lane, Brown Edge.

If the plans are approved a dwelling at the address would be converted into a care home for three children with a minimum of two carers on site during the day and night.

The two storey semi-detached property is located on a residential estate in Brown Edge, next to Sandy Lane Methodist Church, and is currently vacant.

The children at the home would be looked after by the carers on a 24/7 basis "in a manner akin to a family", according to the application's planning statement.

The statement adds: "The children would be cared for on a medium to long term basis in order for them to integrate properly into the community and build strong relationships with the carers and the environment.

"The ethos behind the applicant’s intended operations of this property would be for the residence to provide an environment as close as practically possible to normal family life in order to ensure that the children can live a life of normality in the local community."

More information is available on the planning section of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council's website.

The district council's planning officers will have the final say on the plans at a later date.

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