Biddulph mining wheel: Councillors receive petition

  Posted: 14.10.21 at 16:41 by Jack Lenton

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Biddulph Town Council has now received residents' petition against a decision to relocate the miners' memorial wheel to a different area of the town.

The petition, which has now amassed over 1,250 signatures, was received at a meeting of the council held earlier this week (Tuesday 12th October).

The petition was received in the first section of the meeting, which is reserved for public participation.

Tim Wintle, who created the petition, was invited to speak at the meeting, but was unable to attend, and instead prepared a statement to be read on his behalf.

He said: "For me personally, I appreciate that as a town council you are simply trying to do the right thing by the town in terms of the memorial and I'd be grateful if you would simply consider these points in your conversations this evening:

"1) Why is the relocation of the mining wheel required? According to the town plans drawn up by a third party contractor some years ago, they actually suggest the retention of the mining wheel as "modern art". Presumably its part of a plan to perhaps open up the front of the town hall somehow but there isn't a clear understanding of what would replace the wheel if it were to be moved

"2) If it absolutely has to be moved, what safeguards can be put in place to ensure that the wheel doesn't fall foul of well documented anti-social behaviour that has taken place in the past in the Station Road area?

"I wanted to formally say that I actually think the concept of a miners memorial is a lovely idea but I actually don't see any reason why it couldn't be situated where the current wheel is now, in a better lit and less vandalised area."

Councillors made no decision other than to receive the petition and refer it to an upcoming committee next month for further discussion.

Biddulph Nub News reported previously how the council is now due to "consider consultation options" on the decision after it received opposition from residents.

The wheel, which was installed on the High Street following the closure of Biddulph's Victoria Colliery has been in place in front of the town hall since 1983.

Those who have signed the petition felt that moving the wheel would leave it in a less visible area of the town which could leave it prone to vandalism, and that it should remain in what they believe is a more prominent location outside the town hall.

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